About Medvon Medical Clinic

Internal Medicine Physician located in San Antonio, TX

Medvon Medical Clinic offers residents of San Antonio, Texas, and the surrounding region an opportunity to take control of their health and wellness by partnering with an outstanding team. 

Under the leadership of Victor Njoku, MD, the practice is thriving, providing excellent primary care services to adults of all ages. 

Dr. Njoku is passionate about education. He began his studies at the University of Nigeria College of Medicine in Enugu, Nigeria, where he earned his doctoral degree in medicine. 

Dr. Njoku served a surgical residency at Imo State University Teaching Hospital in Orlu, Nigeria, and upon arriving in the United States, he completed an internal medicine residency at Interfaith Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York. He continues to seek out new educational opportunities. 

Preventive health is a central focus at Medvon Medical Clinic. Dr. Njoku strives to help patients understand their unique health strengths and challenges, with an emphasis on preventing chronic disease and other negative outcomes. Comprehensive physical exams and lab testing provide insight into current health. 

For those who are living with one or more types of chronic disease, chronic care management minimizes symptoms and improves daily life. Patients can work with Dr. Njoku to boost their health and wellness and potentially reduce the risk that accompanies some forms of chronic disease.

When unexpected illness or injury occurs, Medvon Medical Clinic is here to help. A walk-in clinic and urgent care services quickly determine the source of symptoms and get patients started on a treatment plan right away. Patients learn the details of their diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment options. 

Medvon Medical Clinic takes a holistic approach to medicine, acknowledging the interconnectivity of physical health, mental health, emotional health, and social connections. Educating their patients is woven into every interaction, empowering them to guide their health and wellness journeys.  

Residents of San Antonio, Texas, who are searching for wonderful health services in a warm and welcoming environment are encouraged to schedule a time to meet Dr. Njoku and the team at Medvon Medical Clinic. Book visits online or over the phone.