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Primary Care

Primary Care

Primary care is the foundation of great health, and a need that no one should overlook. If you’re searching for a primary care provider who is truly invested in getting to know you as an individual, look no further than Victor Njoku, MD, of Medvon Medical Clinic in San Antonio, Texas. Book a visit online or by phone today to come in and meet Dr. Njoku. 

Primary Care Q & A

What is primary care, and why is it important?

Having a primary care provider means you can rely on one health professional to serve as your “coach” for all aspects of health and wellness. All of the routine health needs you encounter throughout your life fall under the umbrella of primary care. 

Working with the same practitioner over time builds a trusting bond between patient and practitioner. This makes it easier to feel comfortable exploring any health-related topic, including issues like mental health and sexual health. 


What kinds of services are available within primary care?

Preventive medicine is a strong focus within primary care. Comprehensive medical exams, targeted health screenings, and lab testing are all part of preventive health. 

These tools help you enjoy a lifetime of good health, and enable you to identify areas of concern in the early stages, when treatment is often most effective. 

When an unexpected injury or illness arises, primary care also offers acute health services. These “sick visits” provide the chance to get a fast and accurate diagnosis and begin a treatment path as quickly as possible. 

If you have one or more types of chronic disease, chronic care management gives you the tools and support needed to improve your quality of life. Many people are able to eventually decrease their dependence on medication after making lifestyle modifications that support overall health. 


How often should I come in for primary care services?

Most people benefit from annual physical exams. This timing ensures your practitioner can detect signs of disease early. Annual exams also add information to your personal medical record, which is a helpful document for tracking changes over time.

Of course, if you experience illness or injury, or if you have a chronic disease, you may need to come in more often, at least until your condition improves. Medvon Medical Clinic also offers mental health services as part of primary care, including treatment for anxiety and depression. 

If you ever need to work with a medical specialist, Dr. Njoku helps you find the right practitioner for your needs. He remains in close communication with your extended health team to ensure continuity of care and proper medical recordkeeping. 

If you’re ready to learn more about primary care, call the office to schedule a visit, or book an appointment online in just a matter of moments.