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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Many people struggle to reach and maintain a healthy weight, but for those living in or around San Antonio, Texas, help is available through the care of Victor Njoku, MD, at Medvon Medical Clinic. If you haven’t tried medical weight loss, you should schedule a time to come in and explore what makes this approach unique. Book your visit online or by phone in just minutes. 

Weight Loss Q & A

How can weight loss improve my health and wellness?

Carrying a significant amount of extra weight takes an enormous toll on your body. Virtually every organ and system is negatively affected, and a vast array of health conditions can develop based on your weight. 

Some of the health issues researchers link to being overweight or obese include:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Cognitive problems
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Depression
  • Kidney disease
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Osteoporosis
  • Sleep apnea

These are just a few of the problems you can encounter if you become overweight or obese, and many of them can reduce your lifespan or cause problems in everyday life. 


Why is weight loss so difficult?

A number of things contribute to the growing obesity epidemic in America. A big part of the problem lies in our easy access to highly processed and nutritionally void food products. Conflicting health advice and confusing labeling further complicate matters. 

Fewer people cook at home as compared with generations past, and the modern American lifestyle places many people in front of screens for hours each day. That leaves little time for getting out and staying active. Poor sleep quality and high stress levels make matters even worse. 


How is medical weight loss different?

Anyone can drop pounds through fad diets or extreme exercise, but few people can sustain these efforts over a long period of time. And even if they could, a restrictive diet and excess exercise can harm your body. 

Medical weight loss places your health as the central focus. The process begins with a comprehensive assessment of your health and wellness, including lab testing. Dr. Njoku uses the information gleaned from these efforts to shape a customized weight loss plan. 

Medication may play a role in your journey. Drug therapy, however, is never the sole approach. You also learn how to replace highly processed or sugary foods with more vegetables, fruit, lean proteins, and healthy fats. You explore how to add more physical activity into your daily routines as well. 

Many people find that having success early makes it easier to stick with medical weight loss. Dr. Njoku and his team are here to celebrate your achievements and push you toward your next set of goals. When you’re ready to begin, call or click to schedule an initial visit.